How to Select Right MBA Specialization?

Published: 09th March 2010
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Most students accomplish their MBA program in popular fields like finance and marketing, but these are not the only specialization programs offered by the MBA colleges and universities. There are more areas in MBA studies offered for individuals related to various industries. By knowing about the MBA fields one could have a better chance to take the best MBA courses that would fit their professional goals. Today people are planning to be in managerial position or to become an entrepreneur to run their own business.

Some of the common MBA courses for the student looking for the right MBA specialization are:

MBA in Finance: Finance is the vital function for any organisation. An MBA degree in finance trains on variety of subjects like corporate finance, costing, budgeting, International finance, working capital management, investment and securities etc. A student who has completed MBA in finance has the opportunity to work with leading banks or with Non-banking Finance Companies or leading Finance Companies other than banks. They can also work with brokerage firm, dealing in foreign currency transactions.

MBA in Marketing: Students having MBA degree in marketing have an excellent career ahead. Marketing manager, marketing research analyst, brand manager and new product manager are some of the work profiles for marketing professionals. Students can also get specializations in commercial positions like advertising manager, sales manager and PR manager. One should have a good marketing knowledge and skill in order to gain success in this competitive career.

MBA in Human Resource (HR): MBA in HR allows students to develop management skills in other areas in the first year and learning about Human Resource in the second year. HR management requires good management of people, efficient communication to employees and good labour relations. MBA in human resource involves employees training and recruitment, planning and deliberation. Student can also learn HR strategies with human resources allocation plan.

MBA in Entrepreneurship: MBA in Entrepreneurship is a unique and valuable qualification for those who have interest in business. Many companies in dynamic industries such as technology and media require students having MBA degree in Entrepreneurship for managerial position. This field will make students learn wide range of valuable skills that will help in business venture ideas.

MBA in Retail Management: MBA in Retail Management are studies regarding departmental store retailing and shopping mall retailing business. In India there is a huge demand for retail management professionals for processing stock shipment, achieving store sales and productivity, communication with the customers to gain their satisfaction, management of stores etc.

MBA in International Business: MBA in International Business is a type of study that focuses on diversity and multicultural concerns. Today, many businesses want to expand in the international market. Thus, careers in international business are expected to grow at a faster rate. Banks, manufacturing firms and government agencies need people with a base of international business.


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